In 2017 A.R.T.E. has become an "INNOVATIVE START-UP", a qualification intended for Italian companies that offer innovative services with high technological value.


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A.R.T.E. provides a full service in radiation environment effects according to ESCC/ESA, JEDEC, ASTM and Military Standards, for customers belonging to the space, military, aeronautics or microelectronics field, combining electronics development skills and radiation effects expertise.



At this purpose, A.R.T.E. offers a wide range of services during all qualification process in terms of:


  • Simulation of the radiation environment;
  • Radiation analysis at component level and error rates prediction;
  • Design and calculation of the shielding;
  • Custom test bench development in order to respect test coverage, radiation test requirement (vacuum, temperature,..), schedule and cost constraints;
  • Test samples preparation, test board and data-logging systems development;
  • Test facility reference to provide customers with the right beam at the right time;
  • Development of the dosimetric system and execution of the radiation test;
  • Radiation test report and support to user for results understanding;

 Main services offered:

Radiation Test     Radiation Analysis     Other Services

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